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skincare review on charlotte tilbury skincare and dr. jart+ and dermalogica
04. October 2017
Diamonds and Dames Beauty blog was created Spring 2016, after my second child was born. Two months into my maternity leave, I needed an outlet for myself. By then, I was going stir crazy as I was sleep deprived and in need of creative inspiration. Creative Outlet This blog became my creative outlet as I was stressed and grew anxious being at home after years of being a career woman. I was scared of letting go of that identity, not knowing how I'd survive being at home full time with my new...
27. August 2017
I've been holding on to a secret and finally able to share it with you. I got a preview of The Fragrance Engineers prior to their launch back in July. Boy was it hard to keep this secret as what I learned was so exciting. The Fragrance Engineers offer a new concept that fill the void for perfume lovers, niche perfumers and entrepreneurs. Here's a first look at The Fragrance Engineers. INSPIRATION I had the pleasure of sitting down with Founder Ryan T. Chadwick to learn about his company. Ryan...
04. July 2017
Learning to make your own perfume isn't as hard as you think.
16. June 2017
Tired of bad hair days in the summertime? Here are some tips on how to achieve good hair days.
18. July 2016
Things You Should Know When Considering Microblading
27. June 2016
Slick Chicks is about to change the way you think of comfort and convenience when purchasing underwear. In a mature market, we've seen limited innovation and designs until now. Slick Chicks underwear enables a faster, more comfortable and discreet way of changing with their innovative design and technology. Founder and designer, Helya Mohammadian, developed the idea after a Soul Cycle class. Post work out, she was all sweaty and in need of a quick change but opted out of waiting for the shower...
16. June 2016
Summer has officially arrived, and I couldn't be happier. It's always been my favorite season as I have nostalgic childhood memories. What I don't enjoy about summer is what the warm weather does to my skin. My skin gets dehydrated, my pores are enlarged and the texture becomes dull during the long hot scorching days. I've incorporated some new products to my beauty routine to help save my skin this summer.
09. June 2016
You've done your research and selected a salon via top Yelp Reviews. Then comes booking an appointment with a stylist. How do you know you're booked with the right stylist? You don't, until you try for the first time. Here are 3 signs you've found the right hairstylist. She takes the time to consult with you and keeps an open dialogue. At the initial consultation, your stylist is open to hearing your requests. She offers her input as to what works best based on your features and hair type. A...
20. May 2016
The newest addition to my nightly skin care routine is the Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Ultra Riche PM Treatment from 100% Pure. 100% Pure is an organic and cruelty free cosmetic and skincare company, based in Silicon Valley with roots in Napa Valley. I walked into their boutique at Santana Row and was pleasantly surprised by what I experienced. I've been using it for two weeks and have seen a difference in my skin. First time using it, I noticed my skin was more radiant and softer. It feels...

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