First Look at The Fragrance Engineers


I've been holding on to a secret and finally able to share it with you.  I got a preview of The Fragrance Engineers prior to their launch back in July. Boy was it hard to keep this secret as what I learned was so exciting.  The Fragrance Engineers offer a new concept that fill the void for perfume lovers, niche perfumers and entrepreneurs. Here's a first look at The Fragrance Engineers.



had the pleasure of sitting down with Founder Ryan T. Chadwick to learn about his company.  

Ryan is  a perfumer and trainer, which makes it very easy to talk to him.  His passion shows as he shares information about The Fragrance Engineers.  The Fragrance Engineers inspiration is to guide niche perfumers along as they make their dreams into reality.  They eliminate the headaches associated with the financing, sourcing and production process.  Imagine having the A-Team on your side as you translate your perfect scent into your own brand and company.  


The Fragrance Engineers team members, are seasoned professionals with combined work experience spanning over three decades.  Their expertise in the perfumery world are sought after by clients across multiple consumer categories.    Each team member is unique and offer his own style when it comes to designing. Below are some perfumes created by the Fragrance Engineers team members. I was able to try these perfumes and share my thoughts.




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