Two Products- My Blonde Hair Care Essentials

I’ve been bleaching my hair blonde for over a year now and boy is it high maintenance. I love having blonde hair but don’t love all the work that goes into keeping it healthy and manageable.  With lots of trial and error, I’ve found two hair products that helps making my life as a blonde easier and fun.


Olaplex #3 Treatment

Olaplex is a hair treatment system that restores and protects chemically treated or mechanically distressed hair.  It rebuilds the structure of the hair from the inside out.  When we highlight, color, or use thermal styling on our hair, we're breaking the disulfide bonds in our hair. It finds the broken disulfide bond and links it back.  It is not a conditioner, but I can see how it’s easily mistaken for one as it leaves the hair feeling shinier and stronger.  Olaplex #1& #2 are done at the salon by a stylist and #3 is a take home product.  I use Olaplex #3, twice a week.  I apply it generously on damp hair before shampoo, leave in for half an hour and rinse.  Depending on the condition of your hair 15 minutes will suffice.   Once it’s rinsed out, I proceed to shampoo and conditioner.  After the first use, I noticed my hair felt stronger, shiner and definitely easier to comb through.  It's part of my weekly hair care routine and I highly recommend it to everyone.  


Batiste Dry Shampoo in Coconut and Exotic Tropical

Dry shampoo is something I’ve recently started using out of necessity.  One of the changes I've had to adjust to is not washing everyday.   I used to wash my hair everyday because of how relaxing it made me feel.  I also thought it was healthier to wash on a daily basis.  Washing everyday actually strips the hair color and fades the color faster.

 In between shampoo days, I use dry shampoo.  I’ve recently discovered Batiste dry shampoo and loving it as it is affordable and doesn’t leave my hair feeling gunky and weighed down.  I love the coconut and exotic tropical scent. It’s nice and refreshing and smells like the beach.  For more volume,I spray on my hair the night before.  


These are two products from my hair care routine.  I hope you enjoyed learning about them.  There will be more posts about blonde hair care.  Please leave a comment on what products work for you.