Colourpop Review

Beauty on a Budget

Back in my twenties, I worked behind the counter selling cosmetics for top cosmetic brands.  I was used to selling lipsticks for $20-$30 and eyeshadows for $45.  Conditioned to accepting these price points, I paid a lot of money for my makeup addiction.   Now a mother of two, and a bit more savvy, I'm ready to explore other makeup brands sold outside of the traditional department stores.  In search for affordable and quality makeup; I turned to Instagram.  One brand that stuck out in my Instagram feed was Colourpop.  


Colourpop is based in Los Angeles and a cruelty free company with no testing on animals.

I went to their site and the first thing that popped up was a sign up and receive $5 off your first order.  I figured you can't go wrong with that, a perfect opportunity to try a new cosmetic line.

I purchased their Supershock Eyeshadows in Nillonaire and Bandit.  Liquid Matte lipstick in LAX and  Ultra Satin lipstick in London Fog.  

Ultra Satin Lip: London Fog

  •  An alternative to matte liquid lipstick, not as drying.It feels softer and easier to apply and blend with their applicator.  
  • It has long lasting power, even after drinking and eating.
  • Pigmentation is great and perfect for layering on the color for a powerful punch. Price is great at $6 per lipstick, can't go wrong.



Ultra Matte Lip: LAX

  • Dries really fast on lips and color settles and tends to be opaque in the center.  
  • Is a bit dry but definately bearable due to the price point . Best when worn with lip balm underneath.
  • Color does not transfer  has long wear through out the day, except for the center of the lips.



Super Shock Shadow

Nillonaire is metallic pressed pigment in gold.

Texture is really soft so press lightly with fingers to apply on lids or it tends to get messy.

The colors are not too pigmented but enough to see you're wearing eyeshadows.

Has long wear and no messy fall out as with traditional metallic pigments.

Bandit is a matte rusty brown shadow perfect for blending with other shades in the neutral family.  

The shadows are soft, feels like you're pressing into play doh and glides on easily. Color payoff is great for the price point.

The shadow does stay on without smearing through out day and has longevity. Great for those with oily lids or hooded lids.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase with Colourpop,the formula for the Ultra Satin Lip and Super Shock Shadows are amazing.  You're getting quality makeup at an affordable price.  I would make another purchase in the future.

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