Stylist Diaries: Hair Color Protection Tips

As the seasons change from winter to spring, there's a renewed spirit due to the blooming flowers and warmer weather.  Clients call the salon requesting highlights, Balayge and dimensional colors.    Hours are spent on the stylist chair; foil after foil and not to mention the suffering of dehydration under the dreaded hooded dryer.  The timer goes off and hallelujah it's time to rinse and go onto the last phase of the process.


Finally, the chair turns around and the big reveal gorgeous shiny and vibrant hair.  

But what happens beyond the stylist chair? What are the up keeps and post care treatments to maintain and preserve the hair color?


Here are some of my tips and product recommendations in hair color preservation post salon visit.  
1.  Invest in high quality shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free and parabens free.  Sulfate and Parabens is what strips the hair color.
  Malibu C Color Wellness Shampoo/ Conditioner
  •    sulfate-free
  •    preserves and extends vibrancy of color treated hair
  •    promotes shiner and softer hair with extra bounce
  •   antioxidants help defend against environmental damage
  •   beneficial for all processed hair, including keratin smoothing treatment
  •   100% Vegan


2.  Add a deep repair treatment to your hair routine, this will drastically improve the look and feel of your hair and extend your color.


Malibu C Miracle Repair:
  • rebuilds inner structure of hair
  • detangles hair, restores manageability
  • 100% Vegan, formulated without parabens and gluten
  • packed with Pro Vitamin B5, replenishes vital moisture to hair
3.  If you know you're headed to the beach or pool, make  sure to protect your hair by adding conditioner to your hair prior to jumping into the pool and follow it up with a pack of Swimmers in the shower.
Malibu C Swimmers:
  • removes harsh chemicals from hair found in pools, spas or ocean water
  • removes " swimmers green hair" 
  • beneficial for children of all ages
  • restores the look and feel of hair