My New Skincare Favorites

WOW!  Is it really almost May?  This year has been filled with lots of new events and changes.  Stress, climate and not eating properly took its toll on me physically, especially on my skin.  I noticed my complexion looked dull, less radiant, dry and patchy with noticeable pores.  My skincare products wasn't working for me and I was in dire need of an overhaul. I went on a shopping spree and purchased some new skincare and been using it since. These products are my newest obsession and excited to share them with you.




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Why I Started Blogging: Diamonds and Dames Beauty

Diamonds and Dames Beauty blog was created Spring 2016, after my second child was born.  Two months into my maternity leave, I needed an outlet for myself.  By then, I was going stir crazy as I was sleep deprived and in need of creative inspiration.   

Creative Outlet
This blog became my creative outlet as I was stressed and grew anxious being at home after years of being a career woman.  I was scared of letting go of that identity, not knowing how I'd survive being at home full time with my new infant and four year old.  I didn't know anything about blogging but decided to give it a try.  I utilized my online skills as I worked in the online space after college as an online media planner and marketer.

Diamonds and Dames
It took me a while to come up with the name for this blog as I needed something that conveyed a strong meaning.  I decided to call it Diamonds and Dames Beauty as it sounded glamorous and fun.  The meaning for Dames is, "a woman who has been given a title of honor for something she has done".  It's befitting as women, we wear many hats in our daily lives: working professionals, moms, wives, entrepreneurs or goddess :).

Beauty Niche
Coming up with the niche was a no brainer  for me as I live for all things related to makeup, hair and fashion.  I've worked in the beauty industry over 15 years.  I started out as a makeup artist behind the counter working for Chanel, Christian Dior and Lancôme. I also worked as a freelance makeup artist in New York City working on editorial shoots, music covers, television and New York Fashion Week.  After my time in New York City, I decided I needed to broaden my knowledge and went to cosmetology school.  I'd dabbled in styling hair on photoshoots but felt I needed to be well rounded and learn about cutting and color.  After graduation, I worked as a hair stylist and honed my skills as a colorist.          

Goals for Diamonds and Dames Beauty
As DDB continues to grow, my goal is to share tips, product reviews and how to videos.  In addition to beauty topics, I'd like to discuss motherhood issues as this is a huge part of my day to day.  I hope you stay tuned as I created Diamonds and Dames Beauty as a platform to inspire and connect with other beauty enthusiasts.

Night Time Moisturizers

I’ve also been using Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue cream.